Barbara Natterson-HorowitzB. Natterson-Horowitz, M.D., turns to the natural world for insights into health and development. She has faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School, Harvard University’s Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, and is Professor of Medicine in the UCLA Division of Cardiology. She co-directs the UCLA Evolutionary Medicine Program. In her work she studies a diverse range of animals in their natural settings to uncover evolved adaptations with potential relevance to human health challenges. She has used this approach to better understand heart failure and sudden cardiac death, neurological conditions including seizures, dementia and movement disorders, infertility and psychiatric conditions including anxiety, compulsive and eating disorders.

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The Horowitz Medical Phylogeny Lab will be featuring its research on “Female Health Across the Tree of Life” at the Smithsonian Institute’s Earth Optimism 2021 series on Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 12-1:30pm EDT. Registration is free and open. Register today.