Boundary-breaking scientist. Bestselling author. Innovator for human health.

Dr. B. Natterson-Horowitz turns to the natural world for insights into human health and development. By studying a diverse range of wild animals in their natural settings, she uncovers evolutionary adaptations that offer potential solutions to common medical disorders.

Through her research and bestselling books, Dr. Natterson-Horowitz has launched an entirely new field that promotes collaboration between clinicians, veterinarians and evolutionary biologists. Her findings have led scientists to better understand heart failure and sudden cardiac death; neurological conditions like seizures, dementia and movement disorders; infertility; and psychiatric conditions, including anxiety, compulsive and eating disorders.

Dr. Natterson-Horowitz holds faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School and Harvard’s Department of Human Evolutionary Biology. At UCLA, she is a professor of medicine in the division of cardiology at the David Geffen School of Medicine and co-directs the Evolutionary Medicine Program.

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